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Kitchen Rangehoods

Western Ventilation offers a large range of Kitchen Rangehoods to improve the safety, ventilation and appearance of your kitchen.

Kitchens without ventilation or with malfunctioning rangehoods can be dangerous as grease builds up in the air. Just as worse is the smell that makes the kitchen unbearable.

The expert team of Western Ventilation can help you with your Kitchen ventilation needs while improving the look and feel of your cooking area.

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T&G - Bathroom Ventilation - Services

Bathroom Ventilation

A failure to fully ventilate your bathroom can lead to a build up of moisture that creates mildew and mould and eventually leads to the disintegration of your building.

Western Ventilation can save you extra costs and protect your bathroom from the damages of poor ventilation while also improving your bathroom's appearance and smell.

Western Ventilation also offers an extensive range of bathroom ventilation solutions such as exhaust fans for keeping your bathrooms clean, fragrant and comfortable for use.

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T&G - Roof Ventilation - Services

Roof Ventilation

For many households the roof is an unused resource for improving the ventilation and general enjoyment of a house.

Western Ventilation is aware of this and so offer a wide range of roof ventilation solutions such as evaporative cooling systems, roof vents, exhaust systems and rangehoods.

Get in contact with Western Ventilation today to explore options for your household.

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T&G - Heat Transfer - Services

Heat Transfer

Western Ventilation can examine whole households to provide for a greater system of heat transfer throughout your structure, while also improving insulation and heat retention.

Better management of how your house uses natural heat and cooling through greater ventilation and insulation and Western Ventilation can provide this. More importantly, better heat transfer can save your household an incredible amount of money on electricity.

Contact Western Ventilation today to ensure those sticky summer nights and freezing winter mornings are a thing of the past.

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